Dear Customers,

Since the first of July you certainely noticed that the sauna is closed.
From this date different rumors about this closure are visible on Web sites and other communication mediums, quite more insane the some than the others, among others, the liquidation!
It is rather difficult to file for bankruptcy of a company which increases its income and its profit every year since 10 years...

The real reason of this closure is simply the retirement, at least regarding gay sauna.
For those who whould care of my futur, I want to reassure them, I have diplomas which allow me to exercice my former profession in the paramedical.
I shall be happy to reengage a rewarding and enriching activity in human terms.

As regards a gay sauna in Tours, I am sure that a new establishement will be set up.
It is time to make way to those who imagined magnificent projects in this area.

Thus having succeeded Gérard et Alain (†) in July, 2000 , I made this career of 18 years with some people I want to thank for their motivation sometimes severly tested.
Thanks you to: Karim, Loulou, Pascal, Anthony, Louis,Teddy et surtout Manu et Yann without whom these years would have been diffult.
I want to thank also some other people such as several Thierrys, Stephanes, Jacques, as well as Fred, Claude, Bertrand, Philippe...

Bruno & Philippe.